Thursday, November 16, 2006

Harvest Party 2006!

A beautiful October day to host our Harvest Party!

We ate cornbread, pumpkin pie, chili, pozole, popcorn balls, taffy apples, and barbecued some hearty fare!

Many dressed up in overalls and as cowboys...

We played the Whip Cream Race---which entailed who could find a small piece of bubble gum under a mound of whip cream and blow the first bubble. I think Israel was one of the first winners.

Steve lined up all the wood blocks for splitting. Everyone did very well. Jose Carillo did a fine job too! See how serious he looks?

Many came to join in on the fun and games that included pumpkin rolling, three-legged races, pumpkin relays, haybale jumps, stories by the bonfire, wood-splitting and the like.

As night grew near we snuggled up with hot cocoa and apple cider and listened to stories by the bonfire. Jay Hendry (from Crown Point) did a great job especially when he sang us some country tunes!

Thanks for coming ya'll!

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