Saturday, November 18, 2006

Meet Some HomeBuilder's Families

Bob & Marisela Dyckman
Israel Fuentes
Will Dyckman

Sara Fuentes

Reynaldo & Julie Fuentes

Herb & Rhonda Devine and family

Dave & Toni Heidekrueger and family

Anselmo, Sande, Annika and Hudson Rivera(and Mia-not shown)

Steve & Ravi

Lina Mena & Toni Heidekrueger

Mario & Judy Naranjo

The Dyckman Children (Will, Alex, Auggie, Sara, Ethan, Virgie and Lina)

Tino & Liza Delgado

Potluck Happenings! Mmmm----goood food!

Sal Sanchez & Friend

Gregorio Rodriguez

And more to come-----keep an eye out for an update on this post!


Anonymous said...
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Wesco Journalist said...

Many familiar faces and some familiar backgrounds!