Thursday, November 16, 2006

Thanksgiving Reinactment:Plymouth Plantation

Young men love wood-splitting...

Daniel, Ray and Herb sing an old hymn for us...or try anyway!

The audience of pilgrims and indians anticipating the play. It's a packed house!

Chief ??? and Squanto.....

Members of HOMEBUILDERS were invited to the home of Herb and Rhonda Devine in Cedar Lake for their special Thanksgiving Reinactment. Nearly 100 people showed up and all had a great time!

We ate deer and clam chowder and split logs and had hatchet throwing---the children loved the hayride and the adults enjoyed log rolling. The bonfire kept us warm outside and everyone was dressed like pilgrims and indians---some of us quite authentically too I might add!

Inside their home, the Devine's prepared a play for us reminding us of the Mayflower and what took place and why. We learned that families back then took bold steps to worship freely and keep their children from ungodly influences in their culture. It makes us wonder, would we ever do the same for our families?

Squanto was played by Chris Bougie and later he had all the children there chase him through the woods to grab a feather off of him. You should have seen how many children were chasing him! They had a blast!

Well, until next fall....

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