Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The Year's Overview

Here is an month-by-month overview of what HomeBuilders schedule looks like for the year to give everyone and idea of what to expect:

January 28th: "A Fresh Vision for a New Year"

February 11th & 25th: "In His Image: God's Design for Marriage"
2/11 Part 1: The Role of a Husband
2/25 Part 2: The Role of a Wife

March 4th and 18th: "Raising Cain and Abel: Biblical Parenting Reloaded"
2 -part series

April 1st : Video "The Centrality of the Home"
15th: 3rd Annual Homeschool Fellowship (Time to prepare for the conventions!)

Revised for Remainder of Year:

May 20th
: Virtuous Motherhood

June 10th: The Joys of Fatherhood

July 22nd: BBQ Fellowship at the Fuentes Home

August 12th: BBQ Fellowship at the Fuentes Home

September 9th: Harvest Party at Fuentes Home

October 21st: To Be Announced

November 18th: To Be Announced

December 2nd: Christmas Party! The End of a good year!!!

Come join us for an exciting year of HomeBuilding!

(Note: All topics and dates are subject to change as needed.)