Thursday, May 17, 2007

Virtuous Motherhood

At this Sunday's meeting, May 20th, we will be looking into God's word for some wisdom in the area of 'Virtuous Motherhood'. I believe many well meaning moms aren't experiencing the fullness of the blessing that God intended for them to experience and He desires for them to return to their biblical calling as Mothers.

Mothering should be like a long afternoon drive through the country, filled with peace and tranquility, adorned with beautiful backdrops and the sounds and smells of nature along with clean crisp air. Unfortunately, too many cultural mom's experience just the opposite, and have chosen to go 'off-road' with their calling and wonder why the world seems so rocky and unstable. Our desire is that all mom's come to enjoy the high calling of motherhood as God intends.

Join us to be encouraged and inspired in the high calling of Motherhood!

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