Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Five Churches--One Family

Our meeting in March was the kickoff of our HomeBuilders group relaunching for the year 2008. We were excited to see old and new faces and the fact that five different churches were represented there that day---but still the one body of Christ--a family. We are not sure how we all fit, but so glad that we did!

Spring is in the air and Steve turned 36 this past week. We went on vacation to Kentucky to see the Creation Museum and also to Cincinnati, Ohio. We are still enjoying his week off so we will not be meeting for the scheduled meeting for April 6th. We will resume back on schedule on May 4th---first Sunday of the month and looking forward to encouraging mothers, fathers, husbands and wives in their sacred calling of building up homes the glorify and serve the Lord. Hopefully by then, the weather will be beautiful so we could use the backyard as well!

We are looking forward to gathering together as a 'family' soon. But until then---have a blessed time enjoying the spring air, our faithful Father and the precious loved ones He has given you...

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